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1Profile photo of Eddie WetbeakEddie Wetbeak25810
2Profile photo of Graeme GoosebeardGoosebeard24542
3Profile photo of Flipper FingersFlipper Fingers20440
4Profile photo of Roman Sea PelicanRoman Sea Pelican19560
5Profile photo of Ed SmithEd Smith17390
6Profile photo of GeorgeGeorge16130
7Profile photo of Ant MaguireAnt Maguire15400
8Profile photo of Henry HumphreysDaddyZero15040
9Profile photo of Caspar CrabhandsCaspar Crabhands12502
10Profile photo of BeanieBeanie11992

Tales of Walrus Derring-do

About Us

Sexy Walrus Triathlon & Adventure Club: A group of amateur athletes and adventurers who try to follow, in life and in competition, the morals and example set by the gentleman walrus. Whether it be triathlon, cycling, kayaking, trekking or just a good wrestle in the mud we compete with great energy and enthusiasm while maintaining the convivial attitude of the basking walrus.