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I took up triathlon in 2013 having decided that playing team sports in London was too time consuming and difficult. Having always run a bit, I was fairly confident in my running abilities but swimming and cycling have taken longer to come on. I qualified to represent Great Britain at the 2014 World Championships in Edmonton, but had to pull out due to injury after being hit by a car whilst cycling in France. This required surgery on my shoulder and took a while to heal. Coming back with renewed vigor in 2015, I qualified again for both the European Championships in Geneva and the World Championships in Chicago. 2016 saw the Europeans in Lisbon along with a first Ironman. 2017 is in planning… Enjoy!


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NiceTri at St Neot’s – Standard Distance

Goosebeard wins the St Neot’s triathlon! Read on for this tale of a walrus in all his glory, conquering all before him through determination, hard training and the odd spike through the spokes of other athletes. Good on him!

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Winter sun with SwimTrek in Oman

Winter sun. Possibly even more talked about than Winter Miles. Christmas is over. It’s still winter. There’s 11 more desolate months until the festive period begins again. It’s cold and wet. And this January it seems to have been unusually cold and wet. In other words: it’s miserable. So, some winter sun is required. But […]

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The Huntsman Triathlon – One Last Hurrah

“Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more.” An applicable quote for describing this weekends activities? Perhaps a little pretentious, but anyway – I was to take on the Huntsman Triathlon.

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HSBC Human Race Triathlon and a lesson in trash talk

“Good afternoon fellow triathletes”, read the email, “Do you want to represent Deloitte in a triathlon?”.

Why yes Charles Pennington, of course I would.

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Edinburgh New Years Day Triathlon 2017

New Years Eve is always a bit of an anti-climax I feel. So what better way is there to celebrate the beginning of a new Annus? Of course! The Edinburgh New Years Day triathlon. Probably.

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This was due to be my first attempt at the club triathlon due to injury in 2014 and the 2015 decision to abstain due to the World Championships being the following weekend.

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Goosbeard in Chicago

Jeremy Lloyd was right. You do spend the entire event, and most of the weeks either side, thinking about how you are going to write the damn report.

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Quest for Qualification! Final hurdle.

Graeme searches for a qualification spot at the world championships in Chicago. He takes on the Dambuster Triathlon to make his bid for Walrus history! Did he make it? Did his relationship with Holly survive? Did he find his wallet? Read his account here.

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  • Is Throwback Wednesday a thing? Hmm Anyway heres one from
    2 weeks ago by gachesontri Is Throwback Wednesday a thing? Hmm. Anyway, here's one from years gone by to get you through the February cold. Enjoy ... The Sexy Walrus Triathlon. One of the curious things about the Sexy Walrus Inter-Club Triathlon is that, presuming all athletes have been honest when submitting their season’s scores to George, everyone should cross the finish line at exactly the same time. Read more below... https://gachesontri.wordpress.com/2016/09/13/the-sexy-walrus-triathlon-2016/  #triathlon   #tri   #running   #tri365   #race   #sexywalrus 
  • Quick blast out round Norfolk for the big mans birthday
    3 weeks ago by gachesontri Quick blast out round Norfolk for the big mans birthday. First one in a while...  #cycling   #triathlon   #ride