The SW Championship 2017

Welcome to the SW Championship 2017, the world’s most prestigious amateur, season-long triathlon championships. The Championship sees competitors race in a series of events spanning the 2017 season, earning awards and points as they do so (according to their handicap). It culminates in the release of the final scoreboard at the end of the year and the announcement of the winner – the Champion of Champions, or Sir Walrus as he/she is otherwise known. It matters not if you’re a seasoned triathlete or novice: because of the handicapped scoring system it’s all to play for!

How it Works

You can win points in two ways: 1) By competing in championship-sanctioned events, following which points will be awarded based on your performance against your predicted time. 2) By accomplishing various feats of greatness in your own time and earning awards.

User NamePointsBadges
1Eddie Wetbeak25810
3Flipper Fingers20440
4Roman Sea Pelican19560
5Ed Smith17390
7Ant Maguire15400
9Caspar Crabhands12502
11James Crawford11001
12Holly Goosebeard10970
13Kat Barnacles9481
14Ian Barnacles Burns8400
15Nick T-P6850
16Sammon Salmon6810
19Jonny Smith Walrus3170
20Hannah Smith-Walrus2900
21Matt Welch2001
23Tim Ellis00

Great glories will be bestowed on the winner of the championship!