The committee is elected in a strange and ancient way. Essentially those who are interested get down the pub for an ale and some pie and mash and work out who is willing to get involved. We thank all those who have contributed time over the past years and we hope that many more will volunteer for the future.

  • The Chairman rules with an iron fist, mainly through emails and Whatsapp. They must spend their time promulgating the ways of the walrus and the life lessons left by Sir Walrus.
  • The Club Captain may only serve 2 years. They then must serve at least one year in solitude to think on what they’ve done, traditionally in New Zealand.
  • The Secretary will be the beating heart of the herd with their understanding and ultimately power over the the ungodly internet.
  • The Historical Consultant is an essential post and must be filled, otherwise how are we to know how they lived in the old ways. Luckily for us we have someone eminently qualified for the role.
  • The Keeper of the Silverware is the oldest of the roles. He or she is responsible for hunting for beasts to put on plaques as trophies for the end of year triathlon, as well as other table decorations.


2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Chairman Henry Henry George George George George
Club Captain Bayly Bayly Henry Jonny Jonny Graeme
Club Secretary George George JJ Alex Alex Alex
Historical Consultant Dr Cox Dr Cox Dr Cox Dr Cox Dr Cox Dr Cox
Keeper of the Club Silver N/A N/A Alex Alex Alex Maggie